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Soccer Registration: Feb 28th Lester B Pearson School Entrance 6pm-8pm

Late registrations may not be accepted
additional information here

For Advanced Signup Method, Fill out the following PDF Form,
PHCA 2018 soccer form
Please read full instructions first then proceed.

This form has been created to speed signup process, IF CAN ONLY BE FILLED WITH ADOBE BASED READER.
1) for Android phones, Download ADOBE PDF READER FROM GOOGLE PLAY STORE
2) for Apple phones, Download ADOBE PDF READER FROM APPLE APP STORE

3) Fill out form, and EMAIL form to
to email, you may need to “share” then select the appropriate program to email.

Form must be submitted by email no later than midnight Feb 27th
PHCA will print forms, so as participants can stop by, verify info &
make payment, as quickly and effortlessly  as possible

PHCA is unable at this time to accept online payment, all payments must be
made in person, on SIGNUP night.

Cash or Cheque, all Cheques made out to PHCA

In addition to Registration with Community association, Players must
also register with Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc.
with Click the link below to connect to Goal line Registration

150 Nelson Road
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7S 1P5
(306) 975-3413