Halloween – 2019 (currently updating)

Halloween dance format
5 / (5:30) – 7pm setup both gym decorations and Concession Stand (start as soon as we can get access to gym)
7pm – 9pm – Dance
9pm – 10pm Cleanup (setup takes the longest, our community room is around corner from gym thus cleanup / putting away items will be quicker)

Mini Meeting Summary. (next meeting in gym of Lester B – Friday Oct 18 – 7pm)
(to sort through decorations)

Location of Dance to move to Lester B Pearson school due to High # of participants.
Est attendance 100 – 170 – larger space required)

Dance Entrance Fee – 0$
Initial Budget $xx – $xx
DJ – Booked ($xxx)
Concession items (xxx$)
Decorations (100) if needed
currently PHCA has both decorations and Concession items, this will be verified through Oct 11-13th weekend, items for purchase will be determined by stock

Est # of Volunteers (minimum) more are always welcome
2-4 for initial setup
min 2 for concession – was pretty busy in previous years. can trade out as needed.
3-4 for cleanup, some on floors if needed – rest on decorations

Concession Itemscurrent stock / Proposed item list
popcorn – 1 size bag, Est use = 75-80 bags
Chocolate Bars – mini’s? est use = 150-300pcs
Pop (stick to main 4-cola/diet/sprite/root beer – ) est use = 100 cans
Chips (456/55g) bags, est use = 50 bags
Juice Boxes, est use = 1 flat
Candy bag, est use = 100 bags
(candy bag = sour candy/blue whale/Dino Sours/ Cherry twist/Sour soothers or others)
Water – 1 case

Prizes / Categories
all prizes dependent on donated items
-spot dances – co-ordinate with DJ on # / Frequency
-best dressed for (3) age groups (young lings – baby’s / 5 – 10 yrs / older – 10+)
if more prizes, set up more categories – door prize?
Contact local businesses and see what might be available looking for gift cards 20-50$ value

business list – some may be approached, some may not due to timeline (list not complete)
McDonald’s / Walmart / Win-mar
Circle k / 7-11 / Solara pizza
little Caesars / Boston Pizza (approached) / Dream development
Movie pass / Tim Hortons (approached)
Panago pizza (confirmed)

Cleaning supplies
verify with school what might be available
bring some general supplies
-Garbage bags / bins – wire basket
-cleaning pail
-soap / wash cloth
-broom or mop if needed