2018 Coaches Info (Spring Soccer)

Without coaching staff there can be no team. Therefore, if you want your child to play soccer this spring, I would encourage you to step up in any way possible to PHCA. The expectations/guidelines of what coaching entails are listed below:

it would be preferred for each team to have (1 or more) committed Coaches and (1 or more) assistant Coaches that can attend 90% of all games (that way if someone is unable to attend, there is a backup)
Coaching can seem scary, but after your first game / practice it becomes easier.

PHCA will try to ensure all coaching staff are comfortable for their first Game
All U5 – U11 NCCP certification clinics are free for SYSI registered team personnel; Respect In Sport is free online training; Goalline registration is free and takes about 3 minutes; and all other coach certification (1 coach per team) costs will be covered or reimbursed by PHCA community association – (confirmed coaches to keep receipts).

2018 coach requirements

Criminal record checks are free for community association coaches,Free volunteer criminal check letters will be provided to coaching staff directly
(otherwise cost is $70).

Click the following link for (PDF) that shows cost and times for
coaches clinic costs and times

PHCA will try and work with all coaching staff to ensure they are comfortable for the first game of the season.

All TEAM PERSONNEL must be registered through GoalLine Tues May 1

  • o All team personnel MUST complete a criminal record check every two years and submit to their Community Association.
  • o All team personnel MUST have Respect in Sport (RiS) completed by this deadline and the RiS number needs to be supplied in the team personnel GoalLine online registration. SYS has been fined by the SSA the past two years due not having 100% compliance of team personnel with RiS certification. SYS may be facing higher fines and possible disciplinary action from the SSA if non-compliance continues which could affect all Zones/CA’s. Starting Outdoor 2018, SYS may decide to fine or discipline Zones/CA’s not in compliance.
  • o The head coach of each team must also be NCCP certified for the appropriate age group they are coaching.
  • o SYSI will send updates to the Coordinators so they can see which team personnel have completed their GoalLine registration requirements.

SYSI Coaching Respect in Sport
SYSI Coach Link