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PHCA Garage Sale Day – Saturday May 28

PHCA Garage Sale Map 2016

If you’re interested in adding your garage sale to our map please email by 5:00 pm Friday May 27

An area map will be posted on our website, in a Kijiji ad and on our Facebook page

The earlier you submit your garage sale, the more time it will be featured online!

PHCA Garage Sale Day – Saturday May 30th

2015 Garage Sale Map (Final Version)

Saturday May 30th 2015!

Participating addresses:

3669 Diefenbaker Drive
3717 Diefenbaker Drive  
3918 Diefenbaker Drive
222 Haviland Crescent  
254 Haviland Crescent  
440 Haviland Crescent

3417 Centennial Drive  
3609 Centennial Drive
3857 Centennial Drive

414 Tache Crescent

314 Langevin Crescent
318 Langevin Crescent

114 Dickey Crescent
226 Dickey Crescent
422 Dickey Crescent

118 Cockburn Crescent
334 Cockburn Crescent

107 Michener Crescent

230 Johnson Crescent

58 Pope Crescent

405 Vanier Crescent
513 Vanier Crescent

314 Lloyd Crescent